About Bill

I am a father, a son, a martial artist, a gun enthusiast, and someone who enjoys helping people.  My objective through this posts is to share nuggets of information that might entertain you, help protect you, or share some of the information I have learned.

I am also a self-professed adrenaline as such I will share things I have either done or aspire to do that might be of an extreme nature.  I’ll also showcase items I either use or recommend to others.

I have been a consistent martial artist since August 2001.  I had ventured into several times prior, but in August 2001, the practice became a part of me. I often credit my beautiful daughter as the reason I stuck with it.  She is part of the reason but not all of the reason.

Let’s review how I reentered the world of the martial arts. I working at a company that was in the throws of layoffs after layoffs.  I had been contemplating getting back into the martial arts and the justification I used to re-enter after a 14-year break was the layoffs.  At the time I was married with 2 children, and any money spent impacted everyone else.  Fortunately, I found a recreation center based school not too far from my house and picked it up.  It was Aikido.   This is a very peaceful flowing style.  It has been referred to as moving yoga.  2 to 3 weeks after I started, 9-11 happened.  I’ll never forget that feeling of complete helplessness and worry about the future for my children.  9-11 happened on a Tuesday.  Classes for Aikido were Friday nights and Saturday at noon.  When I went to Aikido that Friday night, we meditated for most of the class.  That meditation was exactly what I needed.  The opportunity to help put my mind at ease and start moving forward. Like most of the rest of the country, I felt completely paralyzed by the events that had taken place.  That class helped me experience moments of peace.

July of 2005, we moved from Phoenix to Dallas.  It was time to find a new place to train.  Training had become part of my self-identity. I tried a few places but it wasn’t until a fraternity brother introduced me to Chinese Kempo, did I find a new home.  Classes were small and again it was recreation center-based.  It was very different from Aikido.  Day one I learned techniques that were applicable to the real world.  This was going to be fun.

At one point by son was watching me practice at home.  He made the comment that it seemed overly violent and aggressive..so says the lacrosse and football player.  I explained this was really more of scientific street fighting and even though I train, I really don’t want to have to use it one someone.  You train hard and furiously because few stop after the first punch.  I always said I trained to go home or the permit those with me to go home to.

For those of you that enjoy guns or other weapons, we have a similar responsibility.  We should not seek an opportunity to use it, but to have it to protect ourselves and others if required.





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