Ups and Downs

My Dad would sometimes say, it is not about avoiding the chaos of change but learning to ride the wave.

So what waves are you riding?  It seems like the way I have positioned my life, I must enjoy change.  Although at a personal level, I do not believe I enjoy gut-wrenching change. Yet, my life has seen and, will continue to see massive change.  I have been blessed with having raised great children that still occasionally want something to do with me.  I spent much of my spare time studying Kempo or shooting guns at the range.

Have you ever heard that when you are frighted or excited, the body chemistry is the same?  I have not researched it but given just the possibility that it might be true, we are ultimately deciding to be excited or frightened in these circumstances.

For me, I typically feel very brave taking on new challenges but what has frightened me most is leaving something I have in place to take on the new challenge.  It is important to remember – this is for me – that good it the enemy of great.  It does not mean that whatever is next will be great but you do not know.  Life is meant to be a great adventure.  Let’s take chances and SIEZE THE DAY!

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