We Often Forget….

One of the most pivotal moments of my life – other than becoming a parent – occurred between my Junior and Senior Year of high school.  I participated in a volunteer program with Amigos De Las Americas.  During this program, I spent 4 weeks in rural Mexico – other people went other places.  My assignment was “Community Sanitation”.   That is a nice way of saying I went down there to inform people not only how to build latrines but also explain why.  And to compound the issue, my Spanish skills were not very strong.  In fact, they pair you up with someone based on your Spanish skills, and one of my partners was bilingual.

There were many amazing experiences that happened while I was down there, but one of the most profound was I noticed that these people who had nothing by our standards – the family I stayed with was considered “rich” because they had a room with a cement floor and they gave me the room while they slept on the dirt floor in the kitchen – but they seemed incredibly happy.

This was an important lesson for me because my family was facing some economic challenges at the time, and I realized just I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to complain about. I lived in one of the greatest nations in the world, and even with things get tough, there is always something that can be done.

Too many people look for things to be upset about.  Instead of complaining about everything, let’s focus on being grateful with all that we do have.

Doing this will lead to a happier, more fulfilled life.



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