We Often Forget….

One of the most pivotal moments of my life – other than becoming a parent – occurred between my Junior and Senior Year of high school.  I participated in a volunteer program with Amigos De Las Americas.  During this program, I spent 4 weeks in rural Mexico – other people went other places.  My assignment … More We Often Forget….

Ups and Downs

My Dad would sometimes say, it is not about avoiding the chaos of change but learning to ride the wave. So what waves are you riding?  It seems like the way I have positioned my life, I must enjoy change.  Although at a personal level, I do not believe I enjoy gut-wrenching change. Yet, my … More Ups and Downs

About Bill

I am a father, a son, a martial artist, a gun enthusiast, and someone who enjoys helping people.  My objective through this posts is to share nuggets of information that might entertain you, help protect you, or share some of the information I have learned. I am also a self-professed adrenaline as such I will … More About Bill